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      Corporate culture

      Honest management and high quality service

      At Broad, we are committed to the service tenet of honest management and delivering high-quality service. Our company spirit embodies wisdom gained from success and the proactive pursuit of wealth.

      We empower our staff, fostering a culture that encourages execution and action while providing necessary guidance. Our team is motivated to excel and contribute to our shared goals.

      We uphold our company's mission of tireless, sincere service and achievement as a constant reminder of our dedication. Our focus is on consistently delivering exceptional service experiences.

      • Customer first

        The customer is the food and clothing parents

      • Embrace change

        The only constant in innovation is change

      • Execution first

        There is no excuse Execution decides everything

      • team work

        Heart to heart, close cooperation, sharing and sharing

      • Passion and dedication

        Be optimistic and never give up